Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time's a cheetah

I was thinking earlier about how the memory of bringing my almost 17 year old home from the hospital is crystal clear. It really feels like it was yesterday, his floppy little baby head, the brilliant July sunshine-How we worried the car seat wasn't in right, the overwhelming love we had for this tiny person. In my heart, my memories this moment just happened. The same for each of my children's births, or serious illnesses, and so many moments in time that feel like they just happened. 
People always say that time just slips by somehow. I swear I was just 16 yesterday. Ok, maybe not 16, but more like 21.  Time doesn't slip by- . It runs. It bolts away from you like a starved cheetah after a juicy gazelle.   Hug those kids, cause next thing you know, you're hugging them at their grad, then hugging them as they move away,then their wedding,  or one day maybe hugging your grandkids, then if you are lucky, they are hugging you at the end of your days-
hell ya I'm cheerful today.

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