Practically pregnant

I wish that when i had first been pregnant, a million years ago now, someone had actually told me the truth about things.and i dont just mean that birth hurts like a s.o.b, but mostly feels worthwhile... The internet was not being used really widely by anyone for anything but porn back then, which is hard to believe, but there were none of these places to go to meet other parents, get support, ideas, etc. Being pregnant 15 years ago was nothing like being pregnant a year ago, like I was for the last time.
It was different in more ways than just the internet actually, but i will work my way there eventually. For now, this is going to be up, uneditied, and as it flows, and you can thank my ipad for the million typos.
Some things right off the top of my head,
When you first get pregnant, your body pretty much does whatever it wants, and your pregnancy rarely announces itself in the form of ladylike fainting or delicate nausea...
You can still get yourmonthly flow, for a variety of reasons early on. Implantation, then again when the placenta becomes self supporting,(for lack of more technical terms here)

Lots of things i would cover if i could. Well, it is my blog, i guess I can, if i can find the time and the words.
So many things about the early days, that most people just gloss over as well.not me, i am willing to share whatever i remember, you know, i may have blocked some of those times otu, from the trauma of being a mom!
Topics i'd like to cover are conception, (lots of misconceptions still floating around out there about that), early pregnancy,middle trimesters, delivery, and of course the one that might to come first..Wtf isn't it like this on TV?!
Sex, as in, hope you enjoyed doing it to get preg, cause some men qet a bit squeamish about it, around when you stop feeling squeamish...
Hmm morning sickness... More like, sick whenever your body decides to be, including middle of the night, when you can get so hungry, you feel like your insides are trying to digest themselves!