Friday, October 17, 2014

Soundtracking our lives

We arrive late every morning to my youngest's school, partly by design in order to accommodate his SPD  and partly because I'm me. Let's be honest, with three schools to drop off at, my goal is to get to the last one within 10 minutes of bell time.
Friday morning is "DANCE DAY!"  Shout it with enthusiasm because all 300 of the kids in the school certainly do. Yes, it's a hyped up energetic dancing segment where all the staff and students dance their butts off. It's lasts 5 minutes max, but if we miss it, the kids act like I ate their last Lindt chocolate square or something.
As we were racing out of the car this morning a version of footloose was blaring from the outdoor loudspeakers-   My son, in all seriousness turns to me while running and says " It's like we're in a movie right now, and the music is for our dramatic scene while we run. We should be YouTubers or something!"
This kid kills me. He does like to soundtrack his life, months in advance he planned some ocean themed music for when we were driving to the beach, (it was no music I'd ever heard before). So, who knows- maybe he'll make a career out of creating epic cinematic scores!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Never give a nude kid an Ipad

I'm sitting in the living room waiting while the kids go up and get into their pj's upstairs. My son was carrying his iPad after taking his clothes off, I guess... because next thing I hear is... 'hey, B did you know that a penis works the iPad? I can use it like my finger! It's so cool.'
The conversation I was having with dh trailed off as we heard the word penis.  "eww! Z that's gross!"  his sister yelled.
'No, look, look! It works, for real!'
"He's using the ipad with his penis!."
'yeah, but it works! ' He is triumphant. Thrilled by his discovery. At this point, dh is laughing too hard to intervene and I have to be the grown up who chokes down the laughter. Which I do. Barely. Long enough to yell-"don't touch the ipad (insert laugh cough here) with anything but your hands! Now get your clothes on!"  DH is killing himself laughing. Seriously. Likely just jealous he didn't think of trying it first.
I have no idea what possesses that kids sometimes. But that is why people don't hang about nude in our house.
Yes, I disinfected the Ipad.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Partridge family. Or not.

I was determined to blog more as 2014 began.Mentioning it was the kiss of death I guess. It's been one long dreary winter here and I'm dreaming of escape.

  I found out recently that a mom I know is going to be pulling her kids from school, selling their house and travelling around for a while. I had just been mentioning this to dh the other day as something I'd love to do. 
It's a little awkward when you have two kids nearing the end of high school, who can't just take off, and two young enough to be at the perfect age for it. Of course from a financial standpoint we couldn't do it anyway. But I can dream can't I?  Dh pointed out that we could, in theory travel for the summer months, as long as he can get connectivity for work (and permission to work exclusively from home during that time period).
We could be like the partridge family... without the hippie bus and duds. 
Or singing. Or tambourine playing. We could travel together exploring the country, learning and maybe vlogging the whole scene. Our wonderful family togetherness. Smiles! Adventure! Family high fives! 
Actually it would probably be more like this.
Me: Yay, we're off! 
Them: Mo-om! Are we there yet?! 
Me: No (I can still see the driveway in the rearview mirror).
Them: Mom! She's touching my seat!     Am not! That's my part of the seat!
DH: are we there yet? 
Me:Why did this seem like a good idea?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan 3 2014

I want to do better this year. I want to write and actually have something to show for it.  I am a terrible blogger-I always begin to write on a topic and then end up so far off on a tangent that I need a gps to get back. Aaand... no matter my intentions, my posts sound like rants. Then I feel bad and almost always hit delete, because my mom always did tell me to be nice or keep it to myself.   I'm going to try to stay on track long enough to write some posts this year.Key word. Try. So, mea culpa reader, because my mind travels where it wants and often forgets to take the map or leave a crumb trail.