Saturday, December 15, 2012

CST-Connecticut Standard Time

I'm learning to blog from my cell phone, which essentially means I wrote a blog post, hit publish and it never was seen from again.   Last night I got an email about a sale ending at midnight CST. And as I was thinking about what time that actually is for me, n view of yesterday's tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary, it popped into my head that CST could stand for Connecticut standard time. The frozen in time moments as the tragedy unfolded in their community. The agonizing drag of time while parent's waited to learn the fate of their children and the school staff. And the painfully slow crawling forward of minutes as today as they have to adjust to life without their loved ones.
Why did the murderer do this? Who can say why. His mother worked at Sandy Hook, so maybe he was jealous of the time his mom devoted to her students there? His attack was clearly premeditated. He killed his mother then took her car to the school, and entered before the 9:30 am locking of the doors. This was not an accident. I can't fathom the fear of the children and staff as they grasped what was happening, the feelings of the families and the community as they come to grips with this horror.  I hugged my kids a little tighter last night. I heard people commenting that gun control could have prevented this, or they are glad to be in a community/country/whatever where they feel safe.Without the guns he would have just found some other way to cause this level of horror, it wasn't spur or the moment. It was premeditated.  
It was a tragedy- plain and simple, and the people of Newtown felt safe 25 hours ago. I guarantee you that.  
My heart goes out to the people involved in this tragedy.

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