Thursday, February 24, 2011

You'd never see Obama stealing a necklace....

So, every once in a while, a bit of celebrity gossip oozes it's way into my unfortunate ear canals, or dances at the corners of my vision when I'm trying to look up something serious on the 'net.
This morning Lindsay Lohan's name caught my eye.
She is apparently fighting a charge of theft, over a 2500 dollar necklace she stole.
I'm sorry, but isn't she stinking rich? Aren't the majority of these spoiled, self centered, boo hoo, I'm famous so I have to steal/lie/cheat/drink/do drugs/ etc, rich, and so similar you could exchange them, and their petulant behaviours, without noticing? And aren't they a waste of good space and resources here on the earth?
Maybe I'm just jaded, because I'm struggling to get by, and have no time to go steal a necklace worth as much as my car, nor the Chanel wardrobe to wear to court...
It seems to me,as though a large portion of the people drawn to the spotlight are so addicted to the attention, that they will do anything to stay there, self destructive behaviour included. And don't give me the sob story that they have such tough lives, their jobs are hard, they have no privacy, etc...THEY CHOSE IT
And yes, guess what? a lot of people are in the limelight for various reasons, but they don't need to dress like they're hooking on hollywood blvd, do drugs or drink until they can't say their lines, or be insured by anyone in the business.
I'm sorry, but you are acting. ACTING. Not curing cancer, or dealing with dying kids. It's not the end of the world if you flub a line! Get some perspective.
And then go get a real job, if you hate being an insanely rich celebrity and icon for the masses.
Then you can see what a real life, with real problems, is like.You don't see Oprah tooting a little coke in the backroom of the studio. She keeps herself together, and acts the good role model 24/7 I think. Of course, I don't know, because I don't really follow celebrities, so maybe Oprah goes on closet benders or something, but if she does, that closet door seems firmly shut.
If Lohan can't afford a 2500 dollar necklace after all her successes, then her money manager is an idiot. I'm sure she can afford it, so maybe she just has such poor impulse control, that she couldn't resist? It's disgusting either way, the way celebrities just do whatever they want, whenever they want. Diplomatic immunity for celebrities is an accepted way of life, and it's not reasonable. They don't belong in a cushy hotel type jail. Stick them in with the regular people who commit the same crimes. Do the crime, be treated like the criminal you are, not a celebrity, because that's a status that is undeserved when this immature behaviour occurs.
And L.L is by no means the first, or the worst celebrity to do stupid things.
I heard on the radio this morning that David Arquette has battled alcoholism since age 4 when he had his first beer. And by 12 he had a full on addiction. Seriously?! WTF was wrong with his parents?
You know, being a household name doesn't have to go hand in with poor judgment, bad behaviour and drugs. And I see you shaking your head,because most people just accept it as the norm, but it's not.
I bet you'd never see President Obama out there stealing a necklace. And he is under tremendous pressure and the constant scrutiny of the entire American population (and a lot of the rest of the world too), so if he can do it, without making the millions these spoiled stars and starlets are making, then really, they can do it too.

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