Monday, March 28, 2011

Mommy Look!

Mommy look!

Almost every minute or so , this is what my soon-to-be two year old says.
"Mommy look- i hop like a bunny!"
Mommy look-i crawl like a turtle!"
"mommy look- I play with puzzle." and on ..
A few hours into the day, I'm not always listening 100percent, like when I was making lunch Friday. A colossally bad day of bad days, involving no hot water, no hot water heater appointments available...and many more fun things.(but luckily for you, that rant isn't the subject of this post!)
Then in a vague way, I hear him say...
"Mommy look, abs' swim"
I'm in the kitchen cutting food up. I respond, "oh yeah? ok, good for the abc's, glad they like it".
Then my brain clicks into gear. Abs's (what he calls abc's for some reason) swimming? where? the only open water would be...the toilet. Of course. Where my 4 year old just was. Using the toilet. Awesome.
I ask, "are you in the toilet?"
He says
"Yes mommy, look abs's swim in toilet!
To which my dd pipes up from her bedroom, "well it's a good thing I remembered to flush this time isn't it mom?"
thank goodness for hand sanny. Because I had no boiled water ready, and cold water just didn't seem sanitary enough.
A lesson to be scrubbing that toilet on a daily basis i think. And a lesson to be listening a little more closely, no matter how many times a day I hear that phrase
"Mommy look..."

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