Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend of bad luck at the NavCan

So they say bad things happen in threes. I'm not sure if that is true, or if I'm just so special, I get bad things occuring in higher numbers.
On our weekend trip to go to a birthday party for my MIL, I managed to...
knock over a stack of cups in Tim Horton's, then spilt my iced cap backwards over the counter, into their sink, and onto the floor-
Then I scraped my leg so badly on the edge of the hotel's crappy cot, before drifting off into a near doze, wherein two of my children cried, kicked and fussed all night.
It was crazy cold in the room, and turning the heat up, didn't seem to help, it seemed like it was a tiny bit warmer, that's it. (My oldest daughter ended up sleeping in her winter coat, it became so progressively cold during the night.).
The next morning I managed to drop and smash a glass in the cafeteria.
So, that was more me, 4 uncommonly clumsy things I did basically in a row.
I didn't continue on to become more injured, or ruin anything else,though some other annoying things happened. Had my son choke and throw up in the hotel restaurant eating the nasty crap that was supposed to be the breakfast (seriously wish i'd seen it before we'd had pay for it), and we had to book a second room the second night, because we really couldn't all sle5ep in the room my dh's sister booked for us. ..6 people, and a "suite" that was a sofa bed, a roll in cot, and a double bed. no door between the rooms, a bathroom that made me feel claustrophobic.
Night two involved both my little ones falling out of bed, and subsequently me getting no sleep. My husband and eldest son slept in the next room, which was also painfully small.
If I ever have to go to a family thing in that town again, I won't be wasting my money staying at the NAVCAN. I'd have better luck at the super 8 motel I bet, and that is saying something!

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