Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick is a 4 letter word!

I am so sick of people being sick! Sickness should be outlawed, and the word sick declared a dirty word.
Now my son has Scarlet fever. Seriously. I didn't even think that still existed, but it does. It comes with an awesome high fever, and a red bumpyish rash, that can be all over them, except it leaves a white ring around their mouth. Untreated, it leads to rhuematic fever, heart, kidney issues, etc. Treated quickly with antibiotics, the rash goes away pretty quickly, along with the child's non-stop screeching.
The ER dr asked me if I have other exposed children. I said yes ages 4-14. I asked "is it a risk?" She responds, "yes mostly just for ages 4-17".
Well, oh goody. Now we just wait and see if anyone else gets it. Hope not!

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