Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Products I adore or abhor

From time to time, I think about products I wish existed, and of those I have a decent list I have created,  and also products that are pretty  near perfect the way they are, or products that just didn't quite get things done.
One of my pet peeves is strollers. They are not always designed with actual parents in mind,

I hate tried and tested many strollers that are out there today, and for myself, I love my baby jogger city elite. I wish that the city select had come out sooner, or had an adjustable/ bendable handle like the city elite, but, the dual seats that are positionable in all variations, that is a lovely invention.

I loved my Zooper Hula, but it has no possibility of adding the second seat, which we needed, so bummer, because it folded up small like an umbrella, but had a nice seat, decent canopy, good basket, and it turned on a dime.
The chariot that we had was an older model, but it was lightweight, easy to pull with the stroller as well, and had great storage space.
Sadly, I'm falling asleep, so i guess i'll finish this post later.

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