Friday, November 12, 2010

Britax b ready

B ready? Heck I was born ready to use such an awesome stroller! Or should i say, my kids were born ready to B riding in it!
I would love something like this, sturdy, fashionable, pushable, and featuring the dual functionality and practicality of a single stroller and double, all in one. I have already recommended it to a few moms I know that are expecting.
My kids aren't the same age, but they are close to the same weight, and while I do love my BJ city elite with it's jump seat, I would absolutely adore the Britax. It would be much easier to manage than the steering that I am struggling with right now. (the jogger jump seat has a max weight, but with one riding up top, steering is getting wonky)


Thanks Natural Mommie for steering me in the direction of this awesome looking stroller!
Check it out on Britax's website at
Or Natural Mommie's review on her site at

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