Friday, October 17, 2014

Soundtracking our lives

We arrive late every morning to my youngest's school, partly by design in order to accommodate his SPD  and partly because I'm me. Let's be honest, with three schools to drop off at, my goal is to get to the last one within 10 minutes of bell time.
Friday morning is "DANCE DAY!"  Shout it with enthusiasm because all 300 of the kids in the school certainly do. Yes, it's a hyped up energetic dancing segment where all the staff and students dance their butts off. It's lasts 5 minutes max, but if we miss it, the kids act like I ate their last Lindt chocolate square or something.
As we were racing out of the car this morning a version of footloose was blaring from the outdoor loudspeakers-   My son, in all seriousness turns to me while running and says " It's like we're in a movie right now, and the music is for our dramatic scene while we run. We should be YouTubers or something!"
This kid kills me. He does like to soundtrack his life, months in advance he planned some ocean themed music for when we were driving to the beach, (it was no music I'd ever heard before). So, who knows- maybe he'll make a career out of creating epic cinematic scores!

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