Thursday, February 20, 2014

Partridge family. Or not.

I was determined to blog more as 2014 began.Mentioning it was the kiss of death I guess. It's been one long dreary winter here and I'm dreaming of escape.

  I found out recently that a mom I know is going to be pulling her kids from school, selling their house and travelling around for a while. I had just been mentioning this to dh the other day as something I'd love to do. 
It's a little awkward when you have two kids nearing the end of high school, who can't just take off, and two young enough to be at the perfect age for it. Of course from a financial standpoint we couldn't do it anyway. But I can dream can't I?  Dh pointed out that we could, in theory travel for the summer months, as long as he can get connectivity for work (and permission to work exclusively from home during that time period).
We could be like the partridge family... without the hippie bus and duds. 
Or singing. Or tambourine playing. We could travel together exploring the country, learning and maybe vlogging the whole scene. Our wonderful family togetherness. Smiles! Adventure! Family high fives! 
Actually it would probably be more like this.
Me: Yay, we're off! 
Them: Mo-om! Are we there yet?! 
Me: No (I can still see the driveway in the rearview mirror).
Them: Mom! She's touching my seat!     Am not! That's my part of the seat!
DH: are we there yet? 
Me:Why did this seem like a good idea?

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