Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mirror Mirror

I was reading a blog post tonight over at "The Militant Baker".In truly magical internet fashion I got there after checking out Luved Clothing's website  where they claim their clothes are made to fit all body types.
I don't know if their clothes fit all types, but I do know that their clothes look soft and lovely, and also that  the Militant Baker made me think about body image and being happy with the skin you're in; With attitude! She writes in a voice that I wish I was comfortable expressing- But I'm not happy with how I look. My body image has been shite since roughly...birth?? I remember wishing I was the lightest kid in the class in grade 4. I was uber jealous of the scrawny girl that was smaller than me, and fainted all the time. I know, I know. I was tiny myself, yet already messed in the head body-image-wise.
And now, I'm...well...I guess I look like I ate that 9 year old me. And a few of my friends.
That's how I feel like I look. Maybe I don't. I have no idea. I look in the mirror and sometimes I think I look ok. Then I see a photo of me and realize that my mirror must have magical properties to make me look normal! (I should market that thing! Fame and fortune here I come)*  pre-sale victory dance*  and then I spot-myself in the reflection on my dishwasher. Seriously, is that my ass? Mirror Mirror on the wall, please magically make my ass small!

As someone who has watched what they eat for years, including not ordering dessert as a treat in a restaurant even though I haven't eaten a dessert in months, because I know that while the skinny woman next to me is scarfing down a giant platter, with an appetizer , salad and hugely caloric dessert, people are saying "wow where does she put it all?!" If  I order a meal instead of a salad, I know very well that people are saying to themselves (or table-mates), "should she really be eating that?"  And yeah, I should. But I don't.
Shame on the people who say things out loud, like " people should accept people the way they are" while being Judgey-Mcjudgerson's on their insides. Sometimes, people do exercise and eat right, and who the frig knows why they don't lose weight. Just like no one knows why some people can sit on their butts eating chips and anything they want, and never exercising, and they don't gain a pound.  
Anyway, for a blog with some big bold attitude check out the Militant Baker.
To see the most disturbing freaking underwear I've ever seen and hope I never have to wear... check out the c-string....warning, your eyes might be offended if you don't want to see a person wearing what has to be the least comfortable underwear on the planet. Almost looks like a headband for your privates. C-string. Seriously.

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