Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sylar the saviour?

So, I'm just catching up on Heroes now. All the seasons, over the last many weeks, and now I'm approaching the final two episodes. I feel like producers ought to have at least created a final wrap up episodes to take care of the loose ends that I can tell are going to be hanging!
Anyway, whatever, tv producers screw us watchers all the time. Sorry, not profitable, too bad, no closure for you! I'm at the part of season 4, where Sylar is trapped in his mind, and Peter petrelli has joined him to free him, so they can get to the carnival and help Emma. Is it just me, or is this turn around in Sylar's character a bit much? He's sliced and diced people up and down the continent for the last few years. A short stint as Nathan, and suddenly he can't stomach being awful anymore?
I'm not sure I'm buying it. Possibly this is why it got cancelled.
I don't care, I always knew that Sylar had it in him to be a hero, rather than just a killer. I secretly love Sylar and hoped he would turn to the good side one day.( i guess that isn't a secret now is it?!)

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