Friday, November 5, 2010


Welcome to my blog.  I chose the title, because over the years, through many pointed comments, my MIL has made it clear that she imagines I sit on my butt watching TV all day while tossing back the bon bons.  ahhh yes, the simple and easy life of the mainly SAHM (I say mainly because I have worked outside the home, here and there over the years, sometimes for pay, sometimes as a volunteer). I just can't make enough to cover daycare, I am.
And TV all day? As you know how boring daytime television is?
And judging by the half blank keys on my keyboard,  I spend my free seconds playing on the computer, and obviously, I'm not eating bon bons while doing that, because do you see sticky fingerprints or chocolate smears on this page? No, you do not.
 I will admit, I do watch a few things at night, by some strange twist of television fate, they were all moved to the same night. I watch survivor, because I feel like I can't turn away from how daft the contestant's decisions are, time and time again! Do they not watch the show before they sign up? I follow that up with Modern Family and Cougartown.
Love Modern Family. Mitchell and Cam kill me. If I were a gay man, I have zero doubt I'd be Mitchell. Except my partner wouldnt' be the uber awesome Cam, he would no doubt be more like Phil.
Le Sigh.
I aspired to be hip and cool one day, and sadly that train left the station while I was in the restroom no doubt.
So, I am currently a stay at home mom, to 4 kids ranging 18 months to 14 years.  I'm living in small town Ontario, just outside the GTA grid, so we've got access to the best of both worlds. (yes, my dd watches Hannah Montana sometimes).

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