Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Success #2

Parenting success: I remembered to wash a load of stuffed animals that they mentioned smelled stale and that they wished daddy would wash.  They were both very happy to come home to fresh fluffy friends. Yay me!

Today's non-success. (I've decided failure is too harsh):  Bedtime. Sleep has not been achieved after 1 hour. 
It was not a great day overall, in terms of kids' behaviour.   My little grump woke up in an unpredictable mood and was a devil to keep moving and getting ready for school.  Even now, 15 hours after he woke  up, he's still awake. He had school and then played at the park for an hour and half before dinner and then we played outside  again after dinner. He should be asleep.  He is not.  He is driving me, and his sister,  absolutely teeth grittingly, batty.    "Mom, do termites have ears?  ". Me "shh".  
"  Mom, wouldn't it be weird if during feu rouge, feu verts, people still went even on the rouge?"
Me. Yes weird. Now, Shhhhhh!!!!
"Mom, guess what happened at school today?" 
Me *screaming in my head*
And his sister shouting from her bed "be quiet!!"

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