Thursday, August 1, 2013


Note to future travellers headed to the maritimes- it's not Southern Ontario- Fill up on gas when you are in a city. Some places seem to have no gas stations for ages. Particularly when the red light is on on the gas tank and you are miles from Charlottetown. 
We have visited several provincial parks, enjoyed our own private beach, seen some lighthouses, gotten a lecture from a fisherman on the illegality of catching your own oysters(wasn't gonna! ) because apparently they've all leased the rights to the ocean. Well, who knew you could do that? Maybe I'll lease a piece and give people crap for using it and littering in it.
Our cottage is really lovely, but the floor's a bit rough in spots/gappy and I managed to slit my toe the first night, which hurt like crazy and made it hard to walk the first two days, but it's healing enough now to be alright. The beach isn't so much of a beach, as a seaweed respository, but it's ok. I've been clearing an area every day for the kids so they can walk to it and play on the beach so that's enough to keep them happy.
We've seen so much of this lovely island, and yet I feel like there is likely so much more we haven't seen!
We went to the Confederation/parliament building- which was lovely, visited the harbour at Charlottetown, went to Panmure island lighthouse and provincial park, Thunder Cove, Cabot beach, Summerside, and we ate supper at the New Glasgow Lobster supper. It was so much food, I can't imagine eating it all, but the waitress assured me that not only do people eat it, they have extra buckets of muscles, and some courses that we were too full to eat!   Pictured is B. realizing that if she eats her whole soup, after already eating mussels and fresh bread, and salad, she will be too full to eat her meal. 

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