Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18 2012

 So March came in like a lion in Southern Ontario. Snow, the worst snow we'd had all winter actually, and it was chilly! On Friday March 9th it was so snowy that I was driving unable to see the car in the lane next to me while passing through the city of Guelph. By Monday the  12th, that bit of snow was melted. Friday the 16th, hot and sunny, and my lawn is even dry enough for the kids to play. Today, Sunday, it was 91 degrees at one point on my outdoor thermometer. My husband is making comments about turning on the air conditioner. It is March! I can't remember a March quite this nice...ever.   And I also don't recall ever being this sick either. All march break the kids and I were sick, and I'm still not better. Combined flu, and horrible cough thing. blech!

On a much less pleasant note. My mother -in-law's health had been rapidly deteriorating these last few months,and I'm glad we managed to get down there a few times this past summer, fall and winter to enable the kids to say goodbye. She passed away in her sleep Saturday morning, St Patrick's day-I think she might have liked that, a special day of the year to remember her on, and exactly one month after her birthday. And I'm glad we were there to celebrate that with her too. (Her birthday).
I baked a three tiered cake, that's like 7 cakes worth of cake in there. Fondant, pinks, greens, a cupcake shoe on top. I really hope she liked it, and understood the hours of work I put into that to try to make her feel special.
I certainly have never done that for my own mom, or aunt who is like a mom. I guess maybe I should.

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