Monday, January 10, 2011

Were the Mayan's off by a year?

So, it's 2011. The year started off with a bang, or more exactly, with the deaths of many birds, fish, and other creatures around the world. I have seen this being referred to, as "the Aflockalype". Seriously?
The stalled weather system that brought snow to parts of the lower United states, for the first time since..well, ages, couldn't that be to blame? Freezing cold temps, where the animals aren't used to it?
I'm not sure about the dolphins, or the fish, but it does seem more than just a bit weird, all these animals dying with a week of one another. I'm certain it's not related to pollution, or anything we've done to wreck their habitats or anything along those lines...naturally not our fault!
Scientists can claim all they want, about how it always has happened and we didn't know, and how the internet has made news from around the world available simultaneously, so we are simply noticing it more.
Really? I'm not buying that, because the internet has been around now for about 17 years, in usage wide spread enough, that I have had it.So, this happens all the time, just not in the last 17 years?
And what about the increase in devastating weather, earthquakes, etc?
Ok, now that I am willing to believe is more noticeable due to the fact that we are more numerous ourselves, and taking up so much more physical space. I mean, if there was a hurricane wiping out parts of Lousiana, say...600 years ago, would anyone have noticed? Not likely, because no one was there.I mean there was a big hurricane that wiped out an island of Texas 100 years ago or so (and who even knew there was an Island there?!)
So, ok, maybe I'll give the scientists that one. But the Mayan's predictions for 2012 are looming nearer, which certainly lends credence to these doomsday scenarios that people are so fond of, doesn't it? Even google has gotten in on it,
What about the predictions that stated it is 2011 that is the end of the world?
Could that be correct? I don't know. I do know that according to my daughter, if i don't open the baby gate for her to get up to the bathroom RIGHT NOW it will be the end of her world, so I guess i'll muse more about this later!

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