Monday, December 20, 2010

Yay, only 5 days until Christmas- I can't wait for the stress to be over!

Only five days left until Christmas. I actually hate Christmas, just for the stress it causes in our family. Everyone feels like they have to get together, but they don't want to, and for whatever reason, they all choose me to complain to about it. I find it so stressful, and then my spouse always acts all grumpy at having to see any family, because his family is so dysfunctional that they don't even care to see each other at all!
This year my Dad just had a quadruple bypass (today) and was supposed to be getting a new valve and some kind of anuerysm repaired somehow, but all I know they did for sure was the bypass. I hope he is totally healthy after this! it has been a long time of uncertainty for him, with trips to the hospital, and out again, and then back in, etc.
I'm just relieved that the ordeal is over, my poor mom, I wasn't sure how much longer she could stand the stress and worry. Not that her stress and worry is over, not by a long shot, but at least the operation is done with, so that is one thing off the list.
But I digress... Christmas equals stress, and money that is spent that is way over budget, and the whole stress of trying to buy for people who always seem to want or actually deserve something better than what i can afford to give them. Well, it all adds up to a time of year that I really don't enjoy. We are 5 days away, and I think it's time for tums or something, because the stress is making me feel sick to my stomach. Oh Christmas, I can't wait for you to be over!

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