Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parents just don`t understand

Sometimes parent's just don't understand. Here I'm referring to report cards. Why on earth do they keep changing the formats? And if the teacher is not actually going to write something personal about your child, then frankly, they ought to just skip that section totally, because the computer generated "insert here" tidbits actually tell me nothing about my child, but it certainly tells me something about the teacher!
Yes, yes, I'm aware that they have to use those things, blah blah whatever. Use your own brain, since you are expecting my children to use theirs, and actually give me some insight into my child's academic understanding would you? I already see and sign all their tests. I know how they are doing marks wise, I want to know, really, how are they doing?  Are they pleasant to others? Are they rude? Are they working in a timely and cooperative fashion? Do they talk instead of working? Do they sit in the corner of the schoolyard all alone and mopey all day? Hello, teacher? Are you out there? Please send me some sign that you actually can tell my child apart from the ones sitting around them.
I mainly say this, because on my dd 1's report card, the teacher inserted the prefabbed comment that my daughter is an active participant in a certain subject. She is not. She would rather be boiled in oil than put up her hand. She is a very good student,  but not into speaking in front of others at all.
My daughter saw that on her card, and said, oh, I wonder if the teacher has me mixed up with X who sits next to me, because I never put up my hand unless I have to.
Ahhh. Sweet honesty. And, a report card that clearly includes her friends' mark!

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